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Set of aroma sticks.

Set of aroma sticks.

Super OUDH * 1
Premium Kesar Hina * 1 
Super Hit * 1
Orchid * 1 
Agra * 1



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Fragrance sticks are made from different materials, which is why their scents differ. Bamboo aroma sticks are mainly produced in India and Thailand. They have thick and tangy scents of herbs, spices, perfumes, and are made from a mixture of herbs and essential oils.

Kit includes:

  • Super OUDH * 1 (it has the classic aroma of Arabic incense and will transport you there with its aromatic Oudh, which will fill the room with its gorgeous scent)
  • Premium Kesar Hina * 1 ( This is an Indian incense stick with a sweet, balsamic aroma that is soft and charming. )
  • Super Hit * 1 ( Fragrance sticks have a moderately sweet fragrance. Versatile perfume composition suitable for all signs of the zodiac).
  • Orchid * 1 (Very pleasant, delicate, luxurious, honey-floral scent with slight bitterness.)
  • Agra * 1 (The fragrance is rich and long lasting. When the stick burns, it reveals many nuances: cinnamon, honey, fir, dried plums and mango. )

Fragrances and properties of incense Without knowing the specifics, there's a risk of getting not quite the effect you were expecting. For example, insomnia and a boost of energy in the late evening. So you should choose the scent sticks according to your goals: chamomile has a calming effect; Cinnamon has a positive effect; Coconut is used to increase appetite; frankincense is used for meditation; green tea invigorates, increases concentration lavender relaxes, promotes sleep and rest sandalwood is also calming, suitable for meditation vanilla enhances the mood. This is not a complete list of existing fragrance sticks and fragrances, as manufacturers mix different components to create perfume compositions. It's easier to orient yourself with the notes that you like. For example, fresh scents like eucalyptus and green tea, lovers of tart oriental fragrances like sandalwood, myrrh and frankincense, floral fragrances like patchouli, rose and jasmine. It is worth remembering that fragrances can have unpredictable effects on the body, and the properties described are not therapeutic. Their effect can only be assessed by personal experience: for the first time it is better to use an aroma stick for 2-3 minutes. How to use aroma sticks 

The instructions for using the incense sticks are simple:

Light the edge of the stick with a match or lighter. Wait a few seconds for the flame to ignite, then extinguish it. Place the free end of the stick in the hole provided in the incense bowl, so that the ash falls directly into it. Leave it to smolder for as long as you like - from two minutes until it burns completely. Immerse the rest of the stick with its smoldering edge in a cup with sand or a vase with soil. There is no question of re-lighting the incense. If you extinguish with water, however, the residue becomes unusable. Before using the incense sticks, you should know the basic safety rules. The object should not be left unattended, since smouldering is a kind of combustion that can ignite a fire. You should also avoid allowing ash to fall on the surface of a table and even less so on a carpet. Even if you don't know what an incense bowl looks like and don't intend to buy one, use a container with pebbles or sand in which to place the smouldering sticks conveniently.

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