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YOGI® Kanthika® PLUS - 70 dragee

YOGI® Kanthika® PLUS - 70 dragee

YOGI® Kanthika® Plus helps with sore throat, cough, hoarseness, sore throat. Strengthens the voice, freshens breath. does not contain sugar. Can be given to children.



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YOGI® Kanthika® Plus 

YOGI® Kanthika® Plus is 100% Ayurvedic, absolutely sugar free. With resorption of YOGI® Kanthika® Plus dragees, herbs juices are absorbed by the throat muscles and soothe tickling, pain, and irritation of all kinds of throat problems.

Liquorice (Licorice or ind. Mulethi) (lat. Giycyrrhiza glabra), which is the basic component YOGI® Kanthika® Plus - 72%, provides relief from sore throat, coughing and hoarseness. Works as an anti-inflammatory agent in inflammation of the pharyngeal and palatine tonsils (tonsillitis, tonsillitis), and also refreshes breath.

Ginger 10% (Ginger medicinal or ind. Sunth) (Latin Zinziber officinale) - relieves inflammation, pain and swelling of the throat, removes mucus and relieves spasms associated with intense coughing. Also effective in treating allergies, which may be the causes of respiratory diseases, such as asthma and bronchitis.

Fragrant muscatella 4.5% (ind. Jaiphal) (lat. Myristica fragrans) clears the throat of excess sputum, improves voice quality, and also refreshes breath.

Tulasi 2.5% (Tulsi, Holy Basil or Ind. Tulasi) (Latin Ocimum sanctum) provides cough relief and also acts as an oral disinfectant. Its antibacterial properties prevent the development of respiratory infections.

Cubeb pepper 2.0% (ind. Shitalchini) (lat. Piper cubeba) provides relief from sinusitis, as well as relieves nasal congestion.

Clove oil 2.0% (ind. Lavang Tel) (lat. Syzygium aromaticum) Relieves cough and reduces throat irritation, freshens breath.

Peppermint oil 2.0% (ind. Pudina Tel) (Latin Mentha piperata) helps in reducing bacterial asthma and refreshes the mouth with a mint flavor.

Camphor tree 2.0% (ind. Kapoor) (lat. Cinnamomum camphora) relieves pain and discomfort, tussive.

Arabian acacia 2.0% (ind. Babool ki goond) (lat. Acacia Arabica) Soothes membranes sore throat, provides relief from coughing.

Fragrant muscats 0.5% (ind. Javitri) (lat. Myristica fragrans) Relieves wet and dry cough, refreshes breath, improves appetite.

Cardamom present 0.5% (ind.Elaichi) (lat.Eiettaria cardamomum) Relieves wet and dry cough

The resorption of each grain has a calming and analgesic effect on the throat.


YOGI® Kanthika® Plus can be consumed at any time of the day in addition to any other medicines.

You can feel the effect in the throat within 1-2 days.


groups from 5 to 12 years: 1-2 pills, dissolve 5-6 times a day.

age group over 12 years: 2-3 tablets, dissolve 5-6 times a day.

For pregnant women:

not recommended during the first 3 months of pregnancy. You can use it after the first trimester (only after consulting your doctor).

Registered in European Union by the Latvian Veterinary Food Service (PVD) Nr. 10771.

Yogi Kanthika throat relief pills

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