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Protection of Personal Information

When making a payment with a payment card or through the PayPal or PaySera payment system, no personal data of yours is transmitted in the clear, stored on our website or transmitted to third parties. The security of monetary transactions is provided by the most advanced encryption technologies of payment systems Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, PaySera.

Enter your email address. You will receive confirmation of your order and other important information about your purchase. Do not worry, we will not use your email address for intrusive advertising or transfer it to a third party. All your personal information is securely protected by encryption tools (Avast trusted CA security certificate)

*** in accordance with the latest requirements of the time and legislation of the EU and Latvia.

*** Avast trusted CA security certificate is one of the most prestigious and secure in the modern e-commerce industry. EV (Extended Validation) – literally from English – Extended Verification. This certificate is issued only after an in-depth and detailed verification of the company receiving the certificate (SIA ETOLARS), using data from the Commercial Register of the Republic of Latvia. All data that is transmitted from the visitor of the site is protected by an encryption key of 2048 bits that cannot be cracked. This ensures complete safety and security of the personal data of the site visitor. For clarity, in the address bar of the browser, the site name is highlighted in green, contains a lock icon, and starts with https: //).

2. You can create your profile in our database, for more convenient and quick purchases next time. But this is optional.

2.1. Check your mailing address for the delivery of the order and the phone number to receive an SMS about the delivery of the goods to your chosen package or for the courier. Your phone number may also be needed for prompt communication with you by our manager, in case of questions about the order.

3. Check all the details of your order and if everything is in order – click on the “Place Order” button.

4. At any time of placing an order, you can return to the choice of goods, and add or remove goods at your discretion. To do this, click on the “Trash” button. The data of your choice will not be lost. Feel free!

4.1. Even if today you did not have time to finish the registration of your order for any reason (a child woke up, a boss came, you decided to find out what your friend or friend needed from our useful goods, etc.) – you can safely stop and continue another time. Our system stores data on pending orders up to 30 days.